All the information you needed to know about vegan tattoos.

Vegan tattoos have grown significantly in popularity over the past few years. Since veganism has become a way of life for so many individuals, it makes sense that they would modify other aspects of their lifestyle to stay true to their values. And that’s where vegan tattoos come into play; they ensure that yet another aspect of your daily routine is no longer harmful to animals.

Nowadays, a wide variety of vegan tattoo artists are available online; all you have to do is choose the one that best meets your requirements.

What distinguishes conventional tattoos from vegan tattoos?
Vegan tattoos, as the name implies, don’t use animal ingredients during the tattooing process. Traditional tattoos include glycerin and other animal products in their ink. Although it is animal fat, glycerin is primarily utilized as a stabilizer. In addition, you have bone char, which appears as pigmentation in various black inks.

In addition, several tools and supplies are required for aftercare throughout the tattooing process. Traditional tattoo parlors use lanolin, which is derived from sheep, to make their stencil papers. Because razor strips frequently contain glycerin, even the aftercare items are not vegan.

Vegan tattoo parlors use the same supplies and techniques, but neither one will use anything that directly causes animal suffering. The ink itself, every piece of furniture in the tattoo parlor (including stencils and chairs), and the aftercare items are all made of plant-based materials (such as soap and moisturizers).

Vegan ink versus regular ink

Is vegan tattoo ink more sterile?

The safety that ink vegan offers is currently a topic of discussion. Some claim that vegan ink is superior and will hasten your recovery. These assertions lack scientific support. It’s critical to remember that vegan inks are secure and won’t harm your skin more than a conventional tattoo. They don’t contain any chemicals that cause cancer or anything like that. However, we cannot assert that they are more secure than standard ink now.

Is vegan tattoo ink better for you?

Although they are not healthier, vegan tattoos are cruelty-free. The majority of the time, it is what these parlors’ customers are seeking.

Where can I locate a licensed vegan tattoo artist?

The time when you needed to worry about it is long gone. Browse the top tattoo artists in your area by visiting the Tattoos Wizard Vegan page. Depending on what you’re looking for, you can filter by city, style, studio, or artist. But be careful; just because one tattoo artist is vegan does not imply that all artists in the same studio are all vegan.

How can I locate a vegan tattoo parlor?

If you locate a vegan tattoo parlor, all artists must use vegan inks.

Again, one of the most comprehensive databases for finding vegan studios can be found on Tattoos Wizard. You can visit as well.

Where can I find further details?

The Vegan Society is a great resource for information about veganism and lifestyle, including details on tattooing.

In the book “Vegan & Vegetarian FAQ: Solutions to Your Frequently Asked Questions” by Reed Mangels, Vegetarian Resource Group provides answers to many more queries.