Planning A Tattoo

There is a 33.33 percent probability that if you are from the United Kingdom, you have at least one tattoo. Even though this number is larger than in most other nations, many Britons still find it difficult to properly plan a tattoo.

It is, after all, a difficult choice to make. The ink will be visible on your skin for the rest of your life. If you don’t plan carefully, you might get a tattoo you regret in a few years. Therefore, before doing anything, we strongly recommend reading the following guide.

The need for tattoo removal has increased along with the prevalence of tattoos. Not only does removing their waste time, but it may also be very expensive. Research in the following areas is without a doubt the best strategy to prevent this:

Tattoo Designs

You must consider what you want before entering a studio and speaking with a tattoo artist. What annoys artists the most is a client unsure of what they want. Avoid being that person by learning about the tattoo design you’re thinking about.

The color of your tattoo should be your priority. Although fewer individuals are getting colored tattoos, the idea is still worthwhile. People typically get black and grey tattoos because they look better with intricate designs.

The real style is another factor to consider after choosing the base color. Tattoo artists work in various styles, some of which they specialize in and others that they do not. Check out this article to get a graphic representation of the alternatives.

You can see that there are a lot. An artist, however, will never be an expert in all of these. So you’ll need to figure out who can do the kind of tattoo you wish to have.

Flash tattoos versus bespoke ink?

It’s time to select how you want to approach this now that you’ve chosen the tattoo’s color and design. In the market, there are two options: tattoos from a flash book or something unique.

Initially, a flash book was created for rapid tattoos. These are already-drawn images that artists have stored in a book. Customers that stroll in looking for tattoos can choose from these designs. These are typically less expensive because the artist has already decided on the design and perhaps even the stencil.

A custom tattoo is self-explanatory. With these, you’ll need to work with an expert, describe what you want, and the tattoo artist will make a custom tattoo for you.

Walk-in or by appointment-only studios?

Along with those above, you should know the distinction between walk-in and appointment-only studios while considering a tattoo. There is nothing wrong with either choice however you should think about the following:

You can typically only get little custom designs or anything from a flash book at walk-in studios. An appointment-only studio, however, will let you have anything. This is so that the artist can prepare for your design and appointment.

You can either read our post on how to locate an artist or start your search in your city and according to your preferred style if you want to find the greatest artist for you.

When considering getting the tattoo, find out what level of pain you can tolerate. Making the appointment and having the tattoo are different from planning one. Therefore, knowing which parts of the body will hurt the most and least when getting a tattoo could be useful.

Unexpectedly, a tattoo pain chart differs for males and women. Men, for example, experience less arm pain, as this picture illustrates:

Schedule a consultation

After doing the research, you can locate a qualified tattoo artist and schedule a consultation with them. You can share thoughts, ask questions, and better understand the result during this session.

Size, color, location, style, and other factors can be up for dispute. Once the artist has all of this knowledge, they can move forward with designing or suggesting an idea for their flash book. Additionally, this would be a good opportunity to let them know if you plan to use tattoo numbing lotion or not.

Getting ready for a tattoo

After deciding on a tattoo, it’s time to prepare for the momentous occasion. Fortunately, very little effort is required because most of this is given to the artist. However, you should take the following into account to ensure that the encounters are smooth and as engaging as possible:

Drink plenty of water before, during, and after getting a tattoo to stay hydrated. Your skin will respond to the needle and ink better, and the tattoo will heal more quickly.
Skin that is moisturized will result in a tattoo of higher quality. To maintain the best visual quality, often moisturize before and after the treatment.
Shave the area – Although your tattoo artist is able to perform this, shaving the area is always a pleasant touch. It’s a little thing, but to the artist, it means a lot.
Put numbing cream on – If you’re concerned about the pain, put numbing lotion on your tattoo. To lessen the pain, use this 90 minutes before the procedure.
Eat healthily and get enough sleep before getting inked. Avoid drinking alcohol and partying. Your tattooing experience will be wonderful if you eat healthily and get enough sleep.
Don’t wear tight clothing over the tattoo region; instead, dress comfortably. Make sure it’s comfy and loose.


You should have a better understanding of planning a tattoo after reading the above. Without a doubt, it’s a drawn-out procedure, but you’ll want to do it perfectly the first time. Therefore, go slowly and adhere to the aforementioned advice.